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Camps (BDS Prep Course)

BDS students will have various opportunities to join the Lincoln School Camp Programs founded by the ‘Godowon Healing Center’, which is the founding organization of our school. The center is renowned for its specialized meditation programs along with a secluded, healthy environment. Programs of Lincoln Camp motivate adolescents to search for their dreams, and dreams beyond their dreams, by carrying out various activities mirroring Lincoln as a mentor.

BDS 학생들은 '고도원의 아침편지 문화재단, 명상치유센터 깊은산속옹달샘’ 이 진행하는 깊은산속 링컨학교 프로그램에 참여할 수 있는 다양한 기회를 갖게 됩니다.10여년 동안 진행 된 링컨학교 프로그램은 링컨을 멘토로 만나고, 자연 친화적인 환경에서 전문적인 명상 프로그램을 경험하며, 청소년들이 자신의 꿈과 꿈을 찾도록 동기를 부여합니다.

Mount Baekdu-Dongju Camp

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The Global Lincoln School programs will help adolescents cultivate a sense of their historical roots and identity. They will learn to build their own unique dreams upon that foundation. The students will visit Mt. Baekdu, a must-visit for future global leaders and will become more familiar with China, which is a very important symbol in this day and age.

백두산부터 중국 북경을 경유하며, 청소년들이 자신의 역사적 뿌리와 정체성을 함양하고, 그 기반 위에 이타성을 가진 꿈을 세울 수 있도록 돕는 글로벌 링컨 스쿨 프로그램입니다.

Lincoln School English Camp

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In this camp, students will gain confidence and improve expressive English skills by presenting their own 2-minute speeches in the English language. They will focus on utilizing various words and letters left by Lincoln himself. The program will also include memorizing and announcing the Gettysburg Address, team projects such as making music videos, a Prom Party, and many more.

링컨의 게티즈버그 연설문을 활용하여 영어로 2분 스피치를 발표하며 영어에 대한 자신감과 표현력을 향상시키는 깊은산속 링컨학교 영어캠프 프로그램입니다.

Beyond Dream Vision Camp

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This camp is representative of our Lincoln School English Camp, mainly based on the 2-minute-speech training. It consists of six nights and seven days of versatile and rewarding programs. Here, a wide range of dreamers get to interact with each other, taking Lincoln as a mentor, and motivate each other with their visions and dreams as potential global leaders.

깊은산속 링컨학교의 대표적인 프로그램으로 2분스피를 중심으로 다양한 프로그램을 통하여 글로벌 리더로써의 비전을 가슴 속에 품고, 꿈에 동기를 부여하고, 이타성을 가진 리더로 자랄 수 있는 방향성을 제시 합니다.

Manners and Creativity Camp

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The camp aims to cultivate talent that leads the future by honing “Character” and "Creativity” together. One’s manner is regarded as a skill in this day and age, not to mention one’s creativity. We invite your children to this camp, which helps students develop a warm character, courage, belief in themselves, and future leadership.

4차산업의 시대에 맞춰 학생들이 꼭 갖춰야 하는 인성과 창의를 핵심으로 다양한 활동을 하며, 본인의 꿈에 3도(효도, 선무도, 세계지도)를 더하여 세계속의 나의 꿈을 발표하는 프로그램입니다.

Lincoln School Reading Camp

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Based on Go Do Won's specialized reading method, the program introduces the fastest way for youngsters to dive into the world of reading. All great intellects and leaders have their roots founded in reading. Consequently, having reading skills is like having a great weapon for our future intellects and leaders. These skills, when learned early in life, become a solid basis for individuals to pioneer their lives upon.

20년째 아침편지를 집필하고 있는 고도원 이사장님의 22510 독서법을 훈련하고, 독서카드를 작성 하면서 바른 독서습관을 기르기 위한 여러 독서 활동 프로그램이 진행되는 프로그램입니다.

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